USPI announces that Tyson Foods, Inc. has named USPI as Indirect Procurement Supplier of the Year for 2015.
We are honored to receive this award. Read more.

US Petrolon Industrial

The Company

US Petrolon Industrial (USPI) has been custom designing and filtering fluids of all types for over 30 years. Our knowledge and practical experience ensures that the USPI fluids and ultra-fine filtration in your Oil Filtration & Lubrication Program will be the finest available with today’s technology.

First and foremost, US Petrolon is a company committed to operating with integrity. Our communication is straightforward, factual, and honest. Our products are made to the highest standards of materials and workmanship. We back them up with scientific analysis, our warranty, and our word.

The Program

The USPI Oil Filtration & Lubrication Program uniquely combines our expertise and service, our high quality lubricants, and our ultra-fine particulate and water-removing depth filtration systems to maximize your lubricant and equipment life. USPI programs have been proven to reduce downtime, decrease labor and disposal costs, and maximize asset preservation.

The Service

Service is the cornerstone of our business. We will partner with you to create a custom-tailored oil filtration & lubrication program and assist you with managing and sustaining that program. Contact us to arrange a plant audit and inspection of your existing operation at no charge.


U.S. Petrolon Industrial, Inc. (USPI) is a private company based in Nebraska with a sales presence in North America and internationally.


USPI was established in 1980 and commenced operations in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Since then, USPI has developed proprietary products and technology in the areas of ultra-fine oil filtration, specialty lubricants, grease, filter media and coalescing filters.

In 1989 USPI made its first venture outside of North America and launched operations in the Republic of (South) Korea. USPI's list of clients has grown to include Fortune 500 companies and major multinational corporations, many of whom are using USPI products exclusively plant-wide in their operations.


Our business strategy orbits around serving your company in the areas of lubrication, filtration, and oil analysis. We work to increase your profitability by virtually eliminating wear in machinery, reducing or eliminating oil changes and associated disposal concerns, significantly extending equipment life, reducing down time, reducing energy costs and contributing to the efficiency of maintenance processes.


We are committed to the following concepts:

  • Operating with integrity in all aspects of our business
  • Providing a level of service to our clients that simply cannot be matched
  • Making a positive environmental impact in our markets
  • Maintaining a long-term presence in the markets where we operate
  • Cooperating closely with our counterparts in client companies to find and develop new and innovative solutions to our customer's problems in the area of lubrication and filtration