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Industrial Lubricants


US Petrolon offers a complete line of custom-formulated synthetic and semi-synthetic industrial lubricants for a wide range of applications. 

Refrigeration Lubricants


US Petrolon offers a complete line of industrial lubricants designed for the operating conditions inside refrigeration compressors. Through the use of custom-formulated synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants, US Petrolon supplies fluids that provide extended service life in extreme operating conditions.

  • Low temperature fluids available
  • Tremendously extended drain intervals when used with USPI filtration
  • For use in rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
USPI NH3 1009 Program.pdf USPI 1009-68SC & Filtration USPI ALT-68SC & Filtration


Air Compressor Lubricants


US Petrolon air compressor lubricants are designed specially for the extreme operating environment of an air compressor. Our custom-formulated synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids provide long fluid life to reduce maintenance costs, equipment downtime, oil change and disposal costs, and prolong equipment life.

  • Can withstand heat and moisture
  • H-1 or H-2 Food Grade and non-food grade options available
  • Prolongs equipment life by resisting contaminants, especially when coupled with USPI filtration
  • For use in rotary screw, reciprocating, vane, and scroll air compressors


USPI Air Program USPI AIR 46 & Filtration USPI FG Air Program USPI FG AIR 46 & Filtration USPI MAX FG Air Program USPI MAX FG AIR 46 & Filtration


Vacuum Pump Lubricants


US Petrolon's complete line of synthetic industrial lubricants for vacuum pumps will provide extended service life even in the extreme operating conditions of a vacuum pump. They will lubricant even in the presence of high water and can withstand temperatures up to 350°F without varnishing or becoming acidic.

  • Withstand high temperature and moisture levels
  • Food Grade options available
  • Resists contaminants, heat, and moisture, especially when used with USPI filtration
USPI VAC 100 Program USPI VAC 100 & Filtration USPI FG VAC 100 Program USPI MAX FG VAC 100 & Filtration


Gearbox Lubricants


US Petrolon offers a complete line of industrial lubricants for hydraulic and gearbox applications. These custom-formulated synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants extend service life and protect equipment with high viscosity indexes, high film strength, and excellent sheer resistance.

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Prolong equipment life, especially when coupled with USPI filtration systems



US Petrolon has designed industrial greases for superior performance in high temperature and moisture environments while providing excellent resistance to water washing and protection against rust and corrosion.

US Petrolon Industrial Grease 50EPUS Petrolon Industrial 50EP

USPI 50EP grease is a NLGI No.2 grade, non-soap thickened, high temperature, and extreme pressure grease compound with PTFE (not found in conventional greases). USPI 50EP is intended for industrial applications where the service range of conventional greases is exceeded and the additional benefits of friction modification are desired.

  • Designed for industrial applications that exceed conventional greases' temperature range (0°F to +550°F)
  • Superior lubrication with PTFE in higher temperature ranges (250°F to 550°F)
  • Resists water washing, has good mechanical stability, will not melt out of bearing
  • Uses: Can be utilized on plain and anti-friction bearings operating in excess of 1750RPM; used on cams, ways, or other sliding machine elements under normal mechanical conditions; used in oven conveyors, paper mill dryers, wheel bearings; leader pins and guide, toggles, slides, and thrust bearings (in the plastic mold assembly industry)


US Petrolon Industrial 60SR

USPI 60SR is a NLGI No.2 grade grease that provides superior performance with service fluids that are hydrocarbons (such as hexane) or highly corrosive chemicals. USPI 60SR has a unique synthetic base that makes it simultaneously insoluble in most hydrocarbons, water resistant, and highly effective in extreme heat. It will not drip or run at any temperature. It also has a USDA H-1 food rating.US Petrolon Industrial Grease 60SR

  • Superior lubrication in higher temperature ranges (250°F to 550°F)
  • Compounded synthetic base provides additional lubricity and friction modification
  • Solvent (hexane) resistant, not water soluble, has good mechanical stability, will not melt out of bearing
  • USDA H-1 food grade rating (acceptable for use in areas where incidental food contact may occur)
  • Uses: Specially formulated for lubrication of extraction area bearings and gears in edible oil processing plants; used for plain and anti-friction bearings in the lower to medium RPM range at temperatures of 350°F